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The eyes: the mirror of the soul... and the body.

  • 30 hr
  • 120 dólares estadounidenses
  • Cuernavaca

More about the session

"Bacteria are nothing, the terrain is everything." By terrain, Dr. Béchamp was referring to the internal balance of the organism: cellular health and the immune system. Whether or not we get sick depends above all on the strength and vitality of the immune system. Reading the iris allows us to understand how to recover and maintain an acceptable level of health, revealing the nutritional, structural and psychological deficiencies that prevent the full enjoyment of life, with joy and serenity.

Cancellation policy

Se requiere un mínimo de 24 horas antes de la hora de la cita para cambiarla o cancelarla. Al no acudir o al cancelar fuera del término de 24 horas, no se reembolsará el servicio. Tolerancia de 15 minutos; fuera de este término no se podrá llevar a cabo la sesión.

Contact us

  • (+521) 55 444 77 523

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