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The formula you wish your parents had used.

  • 2 hr
  • 555 dólares estadounidenses
  • online

More about the session

Guiding a child through life and emotions requires you to be the master of your emotions first. During the session, you will clearly understand the invisible forces that drive your emotions and behaviors and learn the tools to transform your past into richness and be able to guide your little ones with absolute serenity. What you will get: - Identify your emotional home and patterns, what triggers your emotions. - Deactivate the traumas of your childhood and personal history. - Connect with your children - Learn the most powerful formula of parental wisdom.

Cancellation policy

Se requiere un mínimo de 24 horas antes de la hora de la cita para cambiarla o cancelarla. Al no acudir o al cancelar fuera del término de 24 horas, no se reembolsará el servicio. Tolerancia de 15 minutos; fuera de este término no se podrá llevar a cabo la sesión.

Contact us

(+521) 55 444 77 523

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